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Life size love doll in perfection - lovely life-like Lara is your cute, tender dream girl

Love doll - life size, life-like, perfect !

New seductive pretty love doll in high-end quality

She's waiting for you - she'll come at once and be always ready for you

Life size love doll Lara - your pretty woman and sexy girl

This new lovely life-like love doll LARA is now available and has got an exiting shaped body like a top model. And this pretty dream girl's face is truly very attractive, created carefully by experienced artists. Her perfect body measurements are 36-23-35 inches and with a height of 5’7” standing barefoot she is really life-like and life-sized! Her middle sized breasts with very realistic nipples feel very tender and soft, same do her realistic and detailed life-like replicated hands and feet too. The great things she can do with her sexy body and even with her long slender fingers are a must for you to experience! She'll be your willing playmate always, who's not only looking just breath-taking and seductive, no, she'll be ready for you any-time and anywhere. This beautiful dream girl will be your playful and willing bed-partner. She will fascinate you and when taking her in your arms and feeling close to her it even will exceed all your expectations! You must feel it to believe it.

Her gorgeously shaped body is made of a high-quality and extraordinary smooth material, her genital area is made from a real-feel material called love clone. Always willing to fulfil any kind of your sexual dreams, this pretty woman will be finished just like you want her: choose your customization for your favourite hair colour and length, eye colour, make up, nails, nail polish, tattoos. In addition exclusive nail chips and hot lingerie make this life-like sexy doll still more attractive for your perfect and always-willing pleasure slave. This hot real sexy LARA with chin-length blonde hair is always in stock, she's already waiting for you - place your order now and she will come to you immediately. For other models and individual customization we need about 3 days only.

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      Life size sex doll   -   semi-solid doll or heavy silicone model ?

You can find a large number of different sex dolls, often called rubber-dolls, although in fact they are not made from rubber. Other low-budget sex dolls are made from cheap plastic foil and they really aren't worth to look for them; they are not really live sized but too small, material is uncomfortable or even hard and bad smelling and it is surely no pleasure to use them. They aren't shaped realistically (have a look at our photo site to compare)  -  no, they are looking ridiculous, often even horrible! There are on the other side those high-quality solid silicon beauties: on the one hand these are looking very good but on the other they are extremely expensive and very difficult to handle due to their heavy weight and sensitivity! So this may be not THE delight if you are looking for a quickly usable, reasonably priced love doll. But finally here you've found her: Our perfectly looking and unbelievable realistic feeling wonderful beauty in top quality at a reasonable price! Lovely Lara or one of our other beauties comes to you and fulfils all your sexual wishes and more. Don't hesitate; she's already waiting for you: place your order, make your customisation for your realistic life size love doll, within few days your pretty girl will arrive and care about your happiness.

three love dolls in the garden

Many love toys from different manufacturers - products made of rubber, latex and silicon from various quality have been tested intensively. And based on the results the materials and method of production have been developed further, have been optimized and were finally used to create the new, perfect real love doll, made of new material and built with new technique for your limitless pleasure. Once have felt her you will love her.

Now this is the newest solution: the perfect life size love doll for best fun and sex at an inexpensive price - an attractive, hot playmate for never ending pleasure. Lara, Bianca, Nicole, Sherry or Jenna, they are all perfect pretty women and arousing dream girls to cuddle with, sleep with or have lots of other fun with your pretty baby whenever you want.  This hot-shaped life size love doll is ready and willing to fulfil any of your sexual dreams, whenever you want it! Her body is gorgeously attractive. Her face, hands, legs and feet are made in a very realistic way. Experienced artists created her body anatomically perfect, so she could be as well a nice life size decoration for any environment!

She is looking so charming that you are not supposed to hide her. But if it's needed this hot sex doll Lara will find place in your wardrobe where she'll be patiently waiting for the next time when you'll leap on her fervid body and love her again and again.

Love Doll Bianca with erected nipples Sexdoll Nicole Sexdoll with blue hair

Dressed in sexy lingerie, pretty stockings, shoes or boots and with earrings this life size dream girl looks very attractive too. So Lara is your wonderful playmate and will even have the appearance of real catwalk model. There are unlimited variations for customization by ordering your favourite eye colour, hair colour, hair-style and more! Also make up, lips, nail polish (hands and feet), even tattoos can be done individually! Short and long nail chips in any colour, even French Nail-art in all variations is possible. Pretty LARA for example will be delivered in a neutral packaging for EUR 169.- ( about 135.- / US $ 218,-) only. 

Love Doll with stawberry coloured lips

Life size love doll Lara will never say no !

She’s awaiting you to fulfil any kind of your desire.

She’s always ready for your pleasure only - whenever you want !

life size love doll Sherry in garden

Life Size Love Doll
Sherry says:

Oh - I’m feeling so lonesome. Come on, let me come to you now and feel me. I’ll be your dreamgirl.

sexy logo-girl

And here you can see this beauty completely dressed in black nylon: lovely life size love doll Lara in her black sexy Catsuit in a video clip. Click on the girl above and wait short time for download of the mp4-file. Loading time of course varies and depends on the speed of your internet access.

Love doll black with overknee boots

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